About Us

Parrotainment mixes was developed by Jason and Nikki Sampson from the ‘Peter Kemp Seed Mix’ for their own flock of rescued and rehomed parrots. The Peter Kemp Seed Mix was Australian Parrot Advocate-Angela Kemp, of Eclectus Family Group World wide’s idea.

They realized that a majority of parrots seem to be sensitive to ingredients in local available feeds, some of these being wheat, maize and soy. As these 3 products are all GMO based in South Africa, they realized soon enough that the best solution was to eliminate these ingredients from their feeds for their own parrots. 

Herbal Mixes

As far as possible the ingredients for these mixes are sourced from organic growers and/ or are human grade. The seed mixes are a herbal superfood seed mix that contains nutritious and healthy seed such as chia seed, linseed, sesame seed, hulled sunflower, and a combination of healthy herbs, minerals and spices. All ingredients are natural, and no superficial ingredients or preservatives are added.

Parrotainment is not a complete diet. We do recommend the addition of a variety of fresh vegetables and fruit to your parrots’ daily diet.  Please see our ‘Articles’ section.

Parrotainment SA is a husband and wife collaboration. Jason and Nikki Sampson- the owners and developers of Parrotainment products have been rescuing and rehabilitating exotic animals for over 16 years. They both have a background in natural sciences, and it was with their love and passion for animals and plants, their knowledge base, and research that they had to make plans with feeding the various critters in their care when it was not always possible to get quality feeds from overseas.

Since the inception of Parrotainment, both Jason and Nikki have taken their passion further. Jason is busy completing a Master’s Degree in edible and medicinal botanicals at the University of Pretoria, and Nikki qualified as a parrot behaviourist with the Ethology Academy.

A fate of many companion parrots in RSA

Moving away from the commercial foods and feeding a more natural, wholefood diet has altered the appearance and behaviour of the parrots in their care remarkably. Sadly, so many of leading food manufacturers in South Africa still believe the traditional micronised maize, soya, peanut meal, bran and wheat is the only way to feed parrots, to the detriment of so many companion parrots.

Parrotainment 'Partners'

Parrotainment has partnered with a few suppliers of trusted products to bring you a well-rounded shopping experience. 

Meridian Herbs is a family-owned business, managed by Margie Frayne. Margie is a herbalist with over 40 years of herbal knowledge and 25 years of practical, organic-based agricultural experience. She has a great passion for applied herbal theory, which she has combined with her background in diet, nutrition and the culinary arts. The results are quality wholesale herbs and a unique, specially-formulated range of herbal products which are effective and very popular in the South African avian community.

Moringa Initiative is a proud, family-owned business. Our Moringa is organically grown and lovingly processed on our family farm in Zambia. With us you are dealing with a fully transparent, ethical source of top quality, nutritious Moringa. We supply bulk quantities of Moringa to both local and international markets. We have also developed our own retail products that contain our homegrown Moringa! From the farm, directly to you – our valued customer. 

The Monati Bird Food recipe was developed by a leading veterinary surgeon at Onderstepoort, who specialized in birds and their development. The product has been tested by an independent laboratory, which confirmed its constituents and nutritional values as well as evaluating it against local and imported competitive products. The product is used by many large bird breeders for feeding. It is suitable for all birds except Lorikeets. 

Boredom Busters Enrichment Toys is a family owned business making proudly South African enrichment toys for South African companion parrots and other exotic pets. These toys are unlike other toys that can be found on the current market. Care and attention are given to make the toys as safe as possible while still keeping it entertaining and fun for the parrot and the caretaker. These toys are quickly becoming popular with Avian vets across the country.