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  • Creepy Crawly Pest Control

    Creepy Crawlies Pest Control


    Environmentally-friendly pest control for all companion birds

    This is environmentally friendly pest control. It can be used to help control and possibly eliminate ants, bed bugs, house dust mites, cockroaches, and flea infestations.

    This is a food-grade product that can be safely used around your parrot’s cage. Sprinkle a little around the legs of the cage to deter ants from crawling into the cage. A little goes a long way. Sprinkle sparingly. Non-toxic to birds, reptiles, and mammals. 


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  • F1 Drops_Flaky Beaks

    F1 Drops: Flaky Beaks


    To improve general health, healthy skin, and feathers in all companion birds

    The herbs in this blend have been chosen for their ability to raise general health. They tone the circulatory system, strengthen the walls of the blood vessels and assist to cleanse the blood vessels of plaque. Some of the herbs have antioxidant and antibiotic properties. Others are rich in minerals, trace elements, and plant-based proteins. As a result of improved circulation, there is a better distribution of nutrients to all parts of the body. Raising general health will remediate the poor conditions of beaks, skin, and feathers.

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  • F2 Drops_Crop Clear

    F2 Drops: Crop Clear


    Clears the crop, improves digestion, increases flora in all companion birds

    The herbs in this blend have been chosen to support the digestive system. This blend can be used to improve intestinal flora, reduce Candida, promote better function of the digestive system as a whole, ease digestive cramps and pain & reduce diarrhea. The drops can be given to birds to prevent congested crops. These drops are only given if the bird suffers from one of the above conditions, and should then be given twice daily for 7-10 days.

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  • F3 Drops Infection Buster

    F3 Drops: Infection Buster


    Antibacterial & antiviral herbs for all companion birds suffering from a lingering infection

    These drops are given if a bird is visibly sick or if there is an infection. The herbs in this blend have been chosen for their ability to heal respiratory infections; to reduce mucus in the respiratory tract; address nasal discharge; strengthen the airways; improve the immune system, and encourage proper recovery after illness or very poor health.  The bitter herbs in this blend are included to eliminate the parasitic worms that are present during infectious bacterial disease, and which exacerbate breathing problems. The drops should be given in the drinking water daily for 10 days or longer if necessary.

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  • F6 Drops_Parasite Cleanse

    F6 Drops: Parasite Cleanse


    To eliminate worms and parasites in all companion parrots

    The herbs in this blend have been chosen for their effectiveness in eliminating pathogenic problems found in birds. The formula can be used to address the following:– bacteria (E.coli), fungal infections (Coccidiosis), viruses (pigeon pox), malaria (the protozoa carried by the pigeon fly), intestinal worms (roundworms, hairworms, stomach worms, tapeworms, gape worms), and crop canker. This is a totally natural, effective formula. After cleansing with this plant-based formula, digestion and absorption of food will improve; general health will improve. All birds need to be de-wormed 3 or 4 times a year.

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  • F7 Drops_Marvellous Moult

    F7 Drops: Marvellous Moult


    To encourage beautiful feathers & for a good moult in all companion parrots

    This blend of herbs encourages and promotes a good moult and improves the quality of feathers. This blend is given to the birds running up to and during their moulting season .  Add to the daily drinking water for the duration of the moulting period. A significant improvement with plucker’s feathers is also noted using these drops.

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  • Tootie Tea_Super Herbs

    Tootie Tea- Super Herbs


    A herbal tea with health-giving properties formulated for parrots

    This tea contains 18 different herbs specifically chosen for a parrot’s health. Each of them supplies vital chlorophyll, vitamins, mineral salts, and micro-nutrients in their most natural form, as well as the well-known health-giving properties in the herbs.

    Suitable for: All Parrots

    Product of Meridian Herbs. It contains no colourants, additives, or flavourings. Caffeine-free.

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