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  • Foraging perch

    Foraging Perch

    This perch has holes allowing for different treats, nuts, and edibles to be inserted to keep your parrot busy and entertained. This is an entry-level foraging toy, suitable for even timid birds to start investigating foraging material. A great way to add enrichment to your parrot’s day.

    Recommended for: Intermediate sized birds such as CAG’s, TAG’s, Eclectus, Amazon, Jardine, Alexandrine, Goffin’s Cockatoo etc. Smaller perches can be used for Conures, Budgies, Cockatiels etc.

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  • Nut & Groove Foraging Block


    Foraging Toy

    This block with holes and grooves allows for nuts, pellets and other treats to be inserted, making your parrot work and forage for his treats. Great to keep your parrot’s mind active and entertained.  

    Recommended for: small to medium-sized parrots.

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