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  • F5 Drops Stress Reliever

    F5 Drops: Stress Reliever


    Gentle soothing herbs for stressful conditions

    All the herbs in this blend reduce stress in companion birds. The drops can be given to birds that are going to be relocated, or to birds that are stressed from too much noise, loneliness, birds that foot stomp, or pull out their feathers, for aggressiveness, over-excitedness. None of the herbs are habit-forming. They reduce stress on various levels – emotional exhaustion (anxiety and nervousness, toe-tapping, feather plucking, and other kinds of stressful behaviour), or digestive exhaustion from an insufficient imbalanced diet, muscular/physical exhaustion. These drops can be given twice a day, to begin with, then reduce to once a day until the condition improves. It is quite easy to see the improvement.

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