• Parrot Toys (2)

    Parrots are naturally playful and curious. Environmental enrichment for parrots enables them to perform their natural, species-typical behaviour. Providing a parrot with toys may reduce the occurrence of behavioural problems such as plucking, screaming and excessive vocalisation.
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  • Fundraiser

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  • Herbal Remedies (7)

    This range of pure herbal blends provides a choice of tinctures (herbal drops) that can be used to address a few health issues encountered by the bird owner.  Herbal remedies restore the balance of health in the body and then are used to maintain good health.  The herbs work in synergy - they complement each other. Together they bring about change in the body and promote improved health. The Herbs for Birds range has been used and trusted in the aviculture community in South Africa for over a decade.
  • Parrot Food (11)

    Parrotainment mixes are not just a healthy seed mix, there is nothing else like them on the market, nutritional powerhouses packed with healthy herbs, spices, superfood powders, and organic mineral sources. Our mixes are blended with love and everything we make is fed to our own beloved flock. Avian Veterinarian recommended.